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Although a photo can tell you a thousand of words, it has a story behind and you never know until it is revealed. And I try to reveal stories behind photos I have taken. Enjoy my next header..

I took this picture at East West Center Participant Association Cultural Day event on April 19, 2008. The event featured cultural booth and performances including dance, fashion show, martial arts and traditional ceremony from several countries. The picture depicts students of University of Hawaii at Manoa who are taking dancing class. They performed Hawaian and other Polynesian dance.

pcc_fire.jpgFire knife dance, a traditional dance from Samoa amazed me at the Polynesian Cultural Center (PCC) night show. It was a nice and memorable experience to see the night show at the PCC. The show is not only showing the Samoan dance such as the fire knife but also showing various dances from polynesian which includes Hawaii, Fiji, Aotearoa, Samoa, Marquisas, Tahiti and Tonga. The image on the header shows three Samoan dancing a fire knife by twirling a burning stick. I was impressed by my camera that could capture the movement on the dark. This is one of my favorite photos. On the left is a close look of the dancer with a burning knife. Photograph by Agung Nugroho.

ied-adha2007_lotus.jpgI took this red lotus in McCoy Paviliun complex at Ala Moana Beach venue when I was attending Iedul Adha pray. There are three ponds in the backyard of the building fill with red and white lotus. Most of the lotus were about to blossom. It was in the morning at about 8.45 am. Actually I got one nice moment picture of lotus with a bee flew over it but it is blur because I took it too close and little bit shaking. And when I tried to take it again the bee had gone. Nothing I could do right? At least I learned that photography is not just about composition or lighting but also patience, luck, instinct and quick action to get a good moment. A good moment rarely comes twice but if you patience enough you might get it again. Photograph by Agung Nugroho.

untaA tour to Gembiraloka zoo, Jogjakarta, Indonesia. I took this picture on summer 2007 when I went home for field research also to visit my lovely wife and son that have been separated miles away across the pacific ocean for about a year. We went to the only zoo in the town to have my son experienced with the zoo and introduced him with various animal inside. The zoo have several interactive attraction for visitor, one of them is this one, riding a camel. We just paid about 5000 rupiahs for one round. Another attraction is riding an elephant, paddle boat, boat, train, feeding elephant and so on. Too bad for me, because I had to take their picture, I could not ride with them. Photograph by Agung Nugroho.

Waikiki from Diamond HeadA View of Waikiki beach from the top of Diamond Head, an ex crater that was used in WW II as a military base.
This was actually my third visit. The first visit I didn’t have a camera yet, so I promised to myself to come again. The second one, I had a camera already, I brought it but it ran out of batteries, damn! Then I promised to come again with fully prepared. Though it is not easy to climb this ex crater, you have to walk climbing to the top for about 45 minutes. It was sweaty, but once you reach the top it’s breezy and suddenly you feel fresh. I took this photo on December 2006. Photograph by Agung Nugroho.


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