A New Conflict Arises In Aceh (1)

Aceh, a region located in the northern Sumatra seems to face a never ending conflict. A new conflict has arisen recently, though, has a different characteristic. It is a conflict between human and wildlife, precisely with Sumatran Tiger. It has been reported by ANTARA, the Indonesian news portal that the tiger have killed five people in southern Aceh and preyed on their livestock. The last news stated that the people are setting trap to catch or killed the trouble maker tiger that was known more than an individual. Some people that feel unsafe even started to leave the village and becoming refugee. This is just like a war. A war between tiger and people over their territory. But we all know who is going to be the winner, of course the people. And the tiger existence will remain endangered.

Wildlife conflict especially with tiger is not only happen in Aceh. There are several conflicts also happen in the other area of Sumatra where the Sumatran Tiger population is remaining. Sumatran Tiger is one of the five tiger species that still exist in this earth. In Indonesia there have been known three species of tiger including Sumatran Tiger, Javan Tiger and Bali Tiger, but the two last tiger is already gone or extinct. Scientist predict that Sumatran Tiger population is less than 500 individual, most of them are now harboring in the national park throughout the Sumatran island such as Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park in the southern part of the island, Kerinci Seblat NP in the central and Leuser NP in the northern part.

So what is going on there? Why those tigers are attacking people and preyed livestock? Because the Sumatran Tiger is protected by law, what procedure should be taken to contained the problem? What are people perceptions or attitudes toward tiger or wildlife in general?

Basically, to live in a “peaceful life” tigers required a good habitat. The good habitat is represented by factors including sufficient preys and sufficient areas for home range which means a large areas of healthy forest. When those factors are gone then conflict will likely be happen. (to be continued..)[Agung Nugroho]


~ by giantrangkong on November 3, 2007.

2 Responses to “A New Conflict Arises In Aceh (1)”

  1. Hello…
    It’s a very interesting article. I am in a need of a help to find some information about Aceh. I have never been to Aceh before. And I heard that it’s still unsafe to live there. Is that true?

  2. @elga, hi thanks for dropping by. I am afraid I am not the right person to be asked for such a question, since I have never been there too. But based on my knowledge and my friend’s info who is from Aceh, I think it is safe to travel to Aceh especially for foreigner and also there are some international NGO still operating in Aceh.

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