Kunawai Spring. You can’t get blood from a stone, but if you squeeze it hard enough, you can get water. That’s just what’s happening in a little city park on Kunawai Street in Liliha. Water percolating through the mountains flows downhill until it hits a less-porous strata and then it follows the path of least resistance to the surface. Kunawai Springs is such a place. Springs around the world are celebrated for their magical properties and Kunawai was no exception. Ancient Hawaiians considered it a healing center and the clay-like mud from the pond bottoms was thought to perform miracles on irritated skin and falling hair. Liliha had many such springs, and the sacred pools were Kuna-wai-nui, Kuna-wai-iki, Kuna-wai-olena, Kuma-hahana, Kalua Palolo and Kalia Moo. Hawaii culture tour April 22, 2006.


~ by giantrangkong on April 22, 2006.

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